Employee investment schemes


We are pleased to inform that Dubiński Jeleński Masiarz and Partners have provided legal advisory services for ten out of nineteen financial institutions that offer employee investment schemes.

The services rendered by us include, inter alia, preparation of full legal documentation for employee investment schemes as well as provision of on-going legal advice.

We would like to heartily thank our Clients for their trust!

On 1 July 2019, employee investment schemes were launched in Poland. Such schemes are voluntary saving plans. It is assumed that they will cover more that 11 million people. No actions on the employee’s part is required to join the employee investment scheme. However, the employers will have to sign relevant agreements based on which their employees will save some funds for their future.

Employees saving through employee investment schemes will be putting between 2 and 4% of their wages aside for their future. To that, the employer will add another 1.5 – 4% of the amount of wages of individual employees. On the top of that, each person joining an employee investment scheme will receive PLN 250 from state budget as a welcome bonus, plus PLN 240 each year. As a rule, the funds accumulated by a given employee can be withdrawn when he/she turns 60. The withdrawal will also be possible, inter alia, in the case of a major illness or to cover own share when taking a loan for an apartment or a house.

The funds of employees are managed by specialised institutions with extensive experience on financial market, such as: investment funds societies, insurance undertakings and pension fund companies. These institutions are entitled to collect low management fees, but they cannot charge any fees for deposit and withdrawal of funds. Moreover, they are given statutory incentives to manage the employees’ funds effectively. Besides, institutions that wish to offer employee investment schemes must meet a number of stringent criteria.

Employee investment schemes will be implemented in a number of stages and the process is planned to last till 2021. Firstly, employee investment schemes will be joined by people working for entities with over 250 employees. Other groups of employees will subsequently be covered by the schemes, and the actual date of joining a scheme by individual employees will depend on the number of people employed by their employer.