Capital Markets


We provide comprehensive legal services to issuers, investment and commercial banks, investment funds, and other financial institutions in the area of public company share issues and exchange and tender offers for companies operating on the Polish regulated market.

Dubiński Jeleński Masiarz and Partners provides legal services for all capital markets participants operating in Poland. Our lawyers advise both professional entities and securities issuers who are not professionally connected with the capital market.

Our law firm also provides legal assistance in regulating the market of financial services, in particular broking services. Our permanent clients include brokerage houses and stock-broking banks, as well as foreign investment companies entrusting us with projects related to the regulatory aspects of their services and advise on their current operations. Our law firm was involved in a number of projects aimed at restructuring stock-broking operations within banking capital groups with a view to optimizing the operations of various capital group members from the perspective of our Clients’ objectives. Some of these projects were of a innovative nature on the Polish market.

Our services include legal assistance in every aspect of operation of investment firms that requires cooperation or proceedings to be conducted with the participation of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. In recent years, also after the implementation of the MiFID Directive, our law firm has helped in obtaining many permits of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority for conducting stock-broking activity.

Our law firm provides day-to-day advise to its Clients, including both financial institutions and other private entities, on the legal aspects of trading in financial instruments and public offering of securities, also on regulated markets. Our legal advice extends to introducing companies to trading on the organized market, operation of public companies, and exchange or sale tenders.

We also provide comprehensive legal services and cooperation in the area of debt securities. Our special achievements in this area include the development of the first Polish issue of bonds introduced to trading in the Catalyst alternative trading system, development of the first Polish issue of bonds dematerialized from the time of their issue, i.e., registered upon their issue in the depository for securities kept by the National Depository for Securities (KDPW) and the first Polish conversion of dematerialized bonds in the Catalyst (Warsaw Stock Exchange – WSE) alternative trading system into dematerialized public company shares conducted before the KDPW and the WSE.

Our lawyers have developed many programs and documentations for the issue of bonds offered in public trading or in private placements by private entities. Our law firm provided legal advice to the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers with respect to the work on amendments to the Bond Act and represented the Association in the legislative process during social consultations.